Lunch at Beaches Cantina

Travis and I are keeping up with our new restaurant week and decided to go to Beaches in Tiffany Springs. 

I really like the decor and it has a very laid back vibe. They played Jimmy Buffet and other beachy type music. I’m not a big Jimmy fan, but I would have loved to hear some steel drums! 

     How good does that sangria look?! I’m getting it next time we go there for dinner. We got iced tea instead. 

Travis and I drink ALOT of iced tea. If there is a drink I know, it’s iced tea. I normally don’t order it at restaurants because I’m so picky about it. The first glass we got just tasted like water.

It must have been a bad batch because the second glass got much stronger. You can even see it in the color. 

We got chips and salsa to start. We got the fire roasted tomato salsa. 

     The chips were really good! You could tell they were homemade. They had some spice on it that we couldn’t figure out. It looked like pepper but didn’t taste like it. 

 Our waitress said the pineapple habanero salsa is her favorite. We plan to get that one next time. It was on one of our tacos and it was really good! Sweet and spicy! 

We got three taco plates because we couldn’t decide. 

The chicken and pineapple with a side of rice. 


The jerk chicken with a side of fries. 

And the rum and coke steak with a side of slaw. 

Both mine and Travis’ favorite was the rum and coke steak, with the jerk chicken coming in second. The steak was really tender and I liked the pineapple salsa on the jerk chicken. I liked the grilled pineapple on the chicken and pineapple, but that taco seemed to have the least amount of flavor. We liked the fries and the slaw, but not a big fan of the rice. The sauce didn’t really seem to go with the rice. The slaw had a citrus flavor to it, definitely a different kind of slaw, but very good. 

I also really liked the shirts the waitresses were wearing! Perfect for the Platte County Pirates. 

Overall, definitely a restaurant we will be going back to! 


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