Brunch at Kate’s Kitchen

This is mine and Travis’s last full summer week since I start volleyball try-outs and regular practices next week. We decided to take advantage of our week and try as many new restaurants as we could. 

We have seen Kate’s Kitchen over by Carlitos and wanted to try it out. They had really good reviews online so we decided to go to for brunch. 

I started with coffee. It was okay, tasted a little on the burnt side but the mugs are really cute! 

Travis and I wanted to get a cinnamon roll to compare it to Corner Cafe’s. 

Smaller than Corner Cafe’s but the perfect size for two. They use a cream cheese frosting which I really liked but Travis didn’t. The cinnamon roll itself was super soft! Overall, I liked the Kate’s cinnamon roll better, but nothing can beat Corner Cafe’s icing. 


I read that they are known for their pancakes, so that’s what I got! 

I thought the pancakes were spot on! Just the right amount of sweetness and HUGE. Also the bacon was exceptional. Very smoky flavor. I wasn’t a fan of the eggs, but I’m not really an egg person. 

The atmosphere is what really makes this place great. We had the sweetest waitress and it is family run. It’s named after the owner’s daughter Kate. You can tell there is a lot of passion put into this cafe. They are only open for breakfast and lunch and I would be curious to try their lunch menu. 

On a side note, I finally got a tattoo! 

Yes it hurt. A lot. Don’t believe people who say it doesn’t hurt. I got an S because all the females in my family have names that start with S. It’s an easy way to represent my ancestors without tattooing a million names on my body. 

Travis also got to use his birthday smoker yesterday! Delicious pulled pork! I went back for seconds, Travis went back for thirds, and we were both happy! 



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