Travis’ birthday is on the 20th, mine is the 21st, and our anniversary is the 23th which makes this birthiversary week! Lots of eating out and presents! 

Travis is up first. He turned 27 this year. He got a grill from me back in June so I didn’t get him another birthday present. My parents got him a smoker since our old one broke. 

We started out at corner cafe for brunch. They give you a free dessert for your birthdays so of course, he picked a cinnamon roll to go. 

Travis wanted to go out to Independence Mall to play with the puppies and I didn’t object.    


We played with a mini lab! So cute, but very hyper. She chewed on everything. 


After that, we went to Jack Stack for some BBQ. I got the strawberry shandy and Travis got a boulevard. We also got onion rings and fried mushrooms as an appetizer. 

We spilt the roundup. It has ribs, brisket, ham, and pork, along with coleslaw, baked beans, and fries. 

     So much food! The ribs and baked beans where probably my favorite thing. However, I will say that Jack Stack is not my favorite KC BBQ place. The sauce just tastes average to me and I brisket (my normal favorite BBQ meat) seemed chewy. 

My sweet grandma made Travis and me a different birthday cake. Travis got marble and I got yellow with chocolate frosting. 

I had a less exciting 26th birthday this year filled with volleyball camps. We hosted our freshmen camp in the morning and middle school camp in the afternoon. Travis did come up to Platte City to have lunch with me though! We went to Pizza Shoppe. 

 For dinner, I asked Travis to grill out hamburgers for me! We also had Mac and cheese and potato salad. We also made some yummy homemade ice cream with my favorite cake, cookie cake! 

   Travis surprised me with beautiful flowers! He also got me an immersion blender, new shoes and Yahtzee! We played all night! 

For our anniversary, we went to Cooper’s Hawk on the Plaza. They have some of my favorite wine (house white). 

They have really good pork pot belly toastadas. 

I got the Cooper’s Hawk chicken giardiniera. 

We walked around the plaza after dinner because it was such a beautiful night! 

 Birthdays 26 and 27, and anniversary 4 were a success! Beyond thankful for my sweetie to celebrate with me! 


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