Waterton Lakes National Park Day 7 – Canada Day, Red Rock Canyon, and Bear Hump

Happy Canada Day!! Today was our last full day in the parks. We didn’t even know it was Canada Day until we got free admission into the park! 
After checking out of the lodge, we went to Red Rock Canyon to start the day. Beautiful red rocks carved out by water. The glaciers at Waterton are melting a lot faster than the ones in Glacier, so you can see how much lower the water is now to what it was before. 

     There is also a waterfall about one mile away from the canyon. It was a very flat and an easy walk. 

 All the trails were packed today. It seemed like many people came out to the park to celebrate Canada Day. It was a really fun atmosphere. However, the park did die down some in the evening because national parks are not allowed to shoot off fireworks. 

After spending the morning at Red Rock Canyon, we decided to do the Bear Hump hike. We heard it was the best view of the park and it didn’t not disappoint! It was .75 miles straight up. No joke, probably the biggest elevation change per mile we had the entire trip (800 feet in only .75 miles). Worth every step! 

       Like I said, the trails were packed today! So many whiney kids walking up and up! 

After Bear Hump, we headed to the Bison Paddock. We saw one bison up very close! He was attempting to scratch off his winter coat. We saw a few others, but way off in the distance. 

After the paddock, we decided to go to Maskinonge lake to enjoy a snack. 

We headed to Waterton town for dinner. I didn’t expect to see an actual town inside a national park, but there it is! We ate a couple meals here throughout our stay. 

 After dinner, we walked along the rocky beach, skipping rocks. We stayed in a camp site for our last night, so we headed back pretty early to rest up for our day of driving. 

We didn’t get the opportunity to do any big hikes at Waterton, mostly because we wanted to see a little bit of everything and big hikes take a whole day. I would love to do the Crypt Lake hike and the Carthew-Alderson hike at Waterton. 

One last post about our trip coming up – our pit stop on the way home! 


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