Lunch at Longboards

Travis and I decided to try out a new place for lunch today. We went to longboards off of North Oak. It got great reviews online, so we thought we would try it out! 

It has surfer decor, very laid back vibe! 


I got the Smoked Woody, a wrap served cold. 


Yum! It was really good! The pork was tender and all the ingredients tasted so good together. 

Travis got the daily special, the chipotle killer. It had chili, chicken, rice, chipotle sauce, jalapeños, pepper Jack cheese, and gauc.  And it was HUGE. 


His was also really good! It had some spice to it. Next time, I will make sure to get a grilled wrap because I really liked how good the crunch was!

I also got a side of hummus and pita. There hummus was not my favorite, it had an herby taste to it that didn’t really mesh with me. But it wasn’t awful. 

Overall, definitely a place we will go back to! Very fresh tasting and great atmosphere! 


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