Waterton Lakes National Park Day 6 – Prince of Wales and Cameron Lake

On to Canada! Glacier National Park and Waterton Lakes National Park  are joined at the USA – Canada border. We got an early start to spend as much time in Waterton as possible. It was about an hour and a half to the lodge in Waterton where we were staying. 

We had to cross the US border into Canada first. They have removed all the trees along the border, so you can see a straight line exactly where the border is. People can’t cross without going through border control, but animals can! 

 Our first stop was to the Prince of Wales Lodge. It was designed by the same person who did the Many Glaciers Lodge. It was so adorable! It looked like a gingerbread house from far away, but up close you could tell it was much bigger. 


It actually wasn’t too expensive to stay and very worth every penny. It was quaint and exactly what you think of when you hear nature lodge. No internet or cable, but it’s not needed with these views! 


After getting checked in, we decided to spend the afternoon at Cameron Lake. We walked the Cameron Lakeside trail, totaling 2 miles. It was very level and very easy. Also a lot of traffic, great for families with kids of all ages.

We also decided to canoe on the lake. After canoeing and kayaking on this trip, I think I prefer canoeing. It seemed easier to steer the canoe. It was a little windy but still beautiful on the lake! 


   After our lake afternoon, we headed back to the lodge for dinner. Travis made us reservations at the dining room. We decided to get fancied up! 


I didn’t bring a hairdrier (not normally high on my camping list) so I had to “blow dry” my hair by sitting in front of a fan for 15 minutes constantly brushing my hair to keep it straight. I also didn’t bring any makeup or non camping shoes. Going with the natural look! 

After dinner, which was delicious, we went to the lounge for drinks and TV. I love watching tennis on TV, so I caught up on Wimbledon and we also got to see the end of the USA-Germany soccer game! Of course, we also enjoyed the views! 


Seriously, how cute are they?! Can that please be Travis and me one day? 

Tomorrow, Canada day! 


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