Glacier National Park Day 4 – Highline Trail

Today was probably my favorite day. We planned our big hike for today. This is the trail that Travis intended to do on the second day. You will see from the pictures that the trail couldn’t be more different. 

We did the Highline trail. We hiked 7.6 miles to the Granite Park Chalet and back, making this hike just over 15 miles. If you are thinking of doing a longer hike at Glacier, this would be a great one. Ideally, you could start at Logan Pass (like we did) and hike to the Loop (where we watched the sunset from) and either hitch a ride or take the shuttle back to Logan Pass. That would put this hike at just over 10 miles. However, the shuttle wasn’t up and running yet, so we just decided to hike back to our starting point.


 It was worth every step. The hike was one of the most breathtaking hikes I have ever done and probably will ever do. It was carved out of the mountains (just above the Going to the Sun Road). 

   The first part of the hike was very popular. Even if you don’t do the entire path, the first few miles are still worth it. This trail is sometimes also called the Garden Wall. It’s so busy, they have a rope to hang on to. In addition of the high views, there are also beautiful flowers (hence the Garden part of the name). 

     Once you get past the first mile or so, the traffic dies down some, but it is still a pretty busy trail. Since it is up in the mountains, busy, and mostly clear sightlines, we didn’t feel quite so threatened by bears, but we did see some other wild life. A friendly mountain goat and lots of marmots. 

       No camera does this justice! 


The Chalet was a nice place to relax for a while and rest our feet for the hike back. 



We really took our time on the way there because we wanted to take in every view. We were able to go faster on the way back, but we stopped pretty frequently to make sure we were appropriately hydrated. 

We hung out at the visitors center for a little while, and then stopped to soak our feet in the cold river again before going to dinner. We opted not to cook at the camp grounds tonight and went back to Apgar Village for dinner at Eddie’s. 

After some relaxing and reading, we went to bed pretty early. Not only were we both exhausted from our day, we planned to get up early to pack up our campsite and have a great final day in Glacier. 


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