Glacier National Park Day 3 – John’s Lake Loop, Kayaking, Trail of the Cedars, and Sunsets

We decided to have a slow morning, so Travis made biscuits and gravy. I didn’t know camp food could be so good! By far the best thing I have ever had camping! It was so good, we made it a few days ago for breakfast at home. It’s a great and easy recipe for camping or for home. We just used canned biscuits. 


Yum! We started out the morning with an easy hike, the Johns Lake Loop. Due to some poorly labeled signs, we didn’t do the whole thing, but it was still a very easy, flat hike that I would recommend for all ages. I believe the whole hike was 3 miles round trip. We did about 2 miles of it. 


After that, we decided to do some kayaking. We have canoed before but we hadn’t kayaked together before. We kayaked on McDonald Lake. It was a hot (for Montana) day, so it was nice to be out on the water. 


We had meatball subs and dump cake for dinner. Dump cake is my all time favorite camping dessert. Plus, it’s super easy to make. 


We replaced the cherry pie filling with strawberry pie filling, only used 1/2 cup butter, and didn’t have whipped cream. 

Also at the Avalanche Lake trail head is the Trail of the Cedars. This trail is handicap  accessible and just less than a mile. I love that the park has this option. Great for kids and people that don’t do well with elevation. Plus, it didn’t skimp on the beauty. The park played home to some of the biggest cedar trees! It was breathtaking! 

     We wanted to see a good sunset, so we drove up to the loop to watch it. The sun doesn’t set in Montana until 10 or so. We were also hoping to do some stargazing, but it was a little too hazy for that. 


This was a relaxing day and this sunset was the highlight. We planned our big hike for the next day, so we wanted a low key, easy going day. That is one of the best things about Glacier, you can have easy days and you can have full days. 


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