Glacier National Park Day 2 – Florence Falls Hike


Today was somewhat of a fluke day for us. We decided to do a longer hike today, and Travis had one picked out that he really wanted to do. Unfortunately, the map we had labeled some of the hikes differently than what Travis had researched, so we ended up on the wrong path. And this path was going right through bear country. 

We started from the Gunsight Pass trail head. The hike took us along the forest floor. We started with hiking next to a river. 


Once we crossed this suspension bridge, we knew we were in bear country, so we did everything you are suppose to do. We had bells on our bags, talked loudly, clapped, essentially made our presence known. It didn’t work. We came around a corner and around 30 yards away from the path was a black bear. Luckily it was just as surprised to see us and we were it. I wanted to scream and run; however, Travis did the right thing, square his shoulders to the bear and firmly tell it to go away. It worked. The bear ran from us. We were still very shaken up though. And yes, my husband did take on a bear, and win. 

We decided to continue on this path because we like to finish what we start. We did pretty much yell the entire remainder of the trail. I think every bear in a five mile radius knew we were coming.

It was not my favorite hike and I would not suggest this one for people to do. The path was not very well maintained. We got scratches all over our legs from over grown shrubs. We didn’t take that many pictures because it really wasn’t that pretty either. It was also not a very popular trail. We only saw two other people all day. 

We ended at Florence Falls. This was the highlight of the hike for sure. Very secluded. The final stretch up to the falls was the worst .6 miles of my life. Incredibly narrow and almost straight up. 


After walking our disappointed butts back to the trail head, we decided to stop at one of the pullouts to stick our feet in the icy cold river. 


We spent the rest of the afternoon at Apgar Village, shopping for souvenirs and eating huckleberry ice cream.  




Apgar village is a really cute area in the park. When the land was originally being bought to turn it into a national park, a few families didn’t sell their land. Lucky for the park, they keep it classy. There are a couple souvenir shops, a restaurant, and an inn. 

After that, we headed back to camp to make dinner. Travis made us enchilada casserole. 


I spent many nights reading. I really enjoy reading while camping because it is so quiet. I like having silence while I read and camping provides that. I read The Boys in the Boat while on this trip. This is a book I would highly recommend if you are into sports non-fiction. Inspirational, and now I have a new appreciation for rowing! 

One piece of advice if you plan to hike: invest in good hiking shoes. They make a big difference in longer hikes. 



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