Glacier National Park Day 1 – Avalanche Lake Hike


Travis and I recently went on a wonderful trip to Montana’s Glacier National Park. Seriously, I didn’t know places this beautiful actually existed, especially in the USA. 

We had a long drive from KC to Montana, 18 hours one day, 3 the next. It was pretty uneventful, except for the fact that I left my wallet at home (with my drivers license) so I couldn’t help drive, whoops! 

The main road going through the park is called the Going to the Sun Road. It’s ranked one of the most beautiful drives in America. There are a lot of pullouts and I would suggest stopping at all of them! The road is carved out of the sides of the mountains, so it’s narrow and twisty, but so beautiful. 

       Once we got to Glacier, we set up our camp. We got to the park around 10am so we could get a primo camp site. I would suggest getting to camp sites early if you plan to camp in a national park. We stayed at the avalanche camp site which was pretty central to most of the things we wanted to do. We also had great camp hosts and friendly neighbors. 


We decided to do an easier hike for our first day. Our camp site was within walking distance of the Avalanche Lake trail head, so we went for that one. It was just over 2 miles to the lake, making it 4.5 round trip. 


It was a really great hike! It did have a pretty good elevation change, around 750 feet. But it was pretty easy, we saw people of all ages doing his hike. Plus, the end destination was gorgeous. 


Great way to start our camping trip! We ended the evening with hotdogs and s’mores over an open fire. 

Tomorrow: our 9 mile hike to Florence Falls and our bear encounter! 


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