Mom’s Birthday at the Zoo

For my mom’s birthday, she decided she wanted to go to the zoo! The last time Travis and I were at the zoo was for the Zoo Run, so we were excited to go back and check out the new orangutan exhibit. But, first is first – polar bear!

She was really playful in the morning! She was swimming up to the glass and pushing off into a back stroke. My mom is the one on the far left with the baseball hat, you know, the adult pushing the little kids out of the way. Next, to the orangutans! 


The first orangatuan was very shy, he hid under that burlap sack. The other one was enjoying some breakfast! Next we looked at some birds. 

My dad fits right in at the zoo šŸ˜‰


After walking around the front of the zoo, we took the train to Africa. 


One of the highlights of the day was seeing the new baby gorilla! The baby was born at the end of May. Super cute!


Then, we walked around the rest of Africa (with just a little rain to bless). 


We took the boat back to the front of Africa. I had never been on the boat ride at the KC Zoo. It was really fun! We got a good look at some of the animals, and it was very relaxing. 

We then watched the sea lion show. It was really impressive! They are far better trained than Uno. 



 Next stop is my favorite, the penguins! I could watch them all day! 


After that, my parents insisted on riding the carousel. They were the only adults without kids, but you have to admit, they were pretty cute. 

We walked around the other parts of the zoo, checking out all the animals. The red pandas were very active, so we watched them for a while. 


Then we got a really special treat. We ran into my friend Austin, who works for the zoo. He was filming a video for the zoo about the health of the orangatuans. So we got an up close and personal view of the orangatuans getting their teeth brushed. 

It was really neat! They would come up to the door and smile like this, and then they would get a peanut or a sunflower seed when they did good. They were super cute! 

My mom wanted to go to Olive Garden for dinner. 

My grandma made a really yummy German chocolate cake! Great frosting!

Happy birthday mom! Hope it was great! 



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