Thai Tuesday

One of my favorite things about summer is going out on lunch dates. Lunch is normally so much cheaper during the week than going out for dinner on the weekends. It’s impossible to go out to lunch during the school year. One of my favorite lunch places is Tasty Thai on Prairie View road. They have a great Tuesday deal: buy one pad Thai get one for $1. They let you do the deal with either the lunch or the dinner portion. 

We start with poo thong (pronounced tong ya sicko šŸ˜‰). It’s Thai version of crab Rangoon. 

With the lunch meal, you also get Thai chicken noodle soup. The broth is really flavorful. 

Travis and I both got pad Thai with tofu and chicken. And yes, this is the lunch portion! So much food, I have lunch for tomorrow too šŸ˜ƒ

The lunch meals also come with an egg roll or a pot sticker. Travis and I went with pot stickers. When we come here for dinner and don’t get that with the lunch meal, we will sometimes order pot stickers instead of poo thong.  They have a chicken filling and are reallllly good! 

My forever lunch date šŸ’•

We decided to go a walk on the line creek trail after lunch. It’s starting to feel like summer outside, so it was pretty warm. We kept it to about 2 miles. 





Travis and I also finished season 6 of Parks and Rec (and season 7 isn’t on Netflix). Help a sister out, let me know if you have it! On to an evening of volleyball league. 


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