The Great Outdoors – Minneapolis Day 2

We spent the morning walking around Calhoun Lake with my uncle. It was beautiful! I could spend all day walking around a beautiful settings like this one! It’s funny how Minnesota has a shorter summer than Missouri, but so much nicer outdoor areas! I guess Minnesotans really know how to take advantage of it! 




Once we got in the car, my uncle gave us the driving tour all around Minneapolis. After that, we went to Minnehaha Falls.    


  So pretty! I could spend an extra week in Minneapolis just at the parks. 

We had a few hours to kill, so we decided to head back to the mall of America. Travis and I did some bowling. I won the first game and he won the second, all is fair! 


For dinner, my family and I decided to go to Don Pablo’s to celebrate my mom’s early birthday. Travis and I had been to one in DC, but no one else in the family had been before. 


They had the best sopaipillas! 

What a great long weekend in Minneapolis! Tomorrow we have a LONG drive and volleyball league matches. Wish me luck! 


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