Hanging out in Minneapolis Day 1

My family decided to make a long weekend out of being in Minneapolis for my cousin’s wedding. We spent most of the day at the mall. Travis and I decided to wall the entire mall. We only went into stores we don’t have at home. I got a new pair of hiking boots and some Lindt chocolate! The Lego store, the American Girl Doll store, the Peeps store, L.L. Bean, and the brain games store (Marbles) we all big hits. 


 The mall is so massive! I didn’t take very many pictures thoughout the day. We also enjoyed walking around the amusement park. We also got to hang out more with my cousin Eric and his family. 

After the mall, we went to Maynard’s for dinner. It’s a beautiful restaurant right on the lake! I got the nachos and Travis got the fish and chips. We both also got Excelsoir Blond Ale. However, the winning dish was my mom’s coconut crusted chicken salad, yum! 



This was a great local restaurant to visit while in Minneapolis. The atmosphere was spot on, exactly what I want out of a vacation meal. 


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