Dinner in Des Moines at Baratta’s

This weekend, we are celebrating my cousin’s wedding in Minneapolis. We decided to stop in Des Moines for a night to visit with my grandma Wylie. While in Des Moines, we have to go to my favorite restaurant ever, Barattas! One of the co-owners is my dad’s neighbor growing up. 
They have really good onion rings and the best cauliflower pepper jack cheese soup. 

I split the cheese manicotti with my mom. We got half white, half red sauce. I like the white sauce better and she likes the red. 


Travis got the chicken Caesar salad and the rest of the family got a couple of pizzas to spilt. 



And we can’t go to Barratas without getting dessert. They get really good cakes deliveried from Golden Boy Pies (which is actually in Kansas City). We have located the bakery in KC, but for some reason they taste better in Iowa. Our favorite is the lemon cake, but we also got a slice of the coconut cake. It gives the lemon cake a run for its money! The frosting is amazing! We like to spilt dessert by taking one bit and passing it around until the cake is gone.  
If you are in Des Moines, make sure to try out Baratta’s. it won’t disappoint 🙂


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