Girls Night

Last Friday night, I had a girls night with some of my best friends. We started out with seeing Pitch Perfect 2. It was pretty good, not quite as good as the first one, but still hilarious! Fat Amy is the best! 
We then went to Snow and Company off North Oak. They have alcoholic slushed. I got the Sailor’s Gold, it had orange, lemon, and pineapple favors. 

Yum! We girl talked and drank our drinks! Once we got back to Emily’s house, we had some cupcakes that I made for our graduating girls. Jayne got her Law degree, and Laura got her MFA. I made little graduation hats to put on top of the cupcakes. I made them using chocolate covered graham crackers, mini Reese’s peanut butter cups, fruit punch twizzlers, and chocolate frosting.

They are really easy to make, just stick the peanut butter cup to the graham cracker using frosting as glue. Then cut a short piece of twizzler and stick it to the top of the graham cracker using frosting as glue. 



    I just put those on top of fun fetti cupcakes with chocolate frosting. 

Then, we had a middle school sleepover! 


After we woke up Saturday morning, we went for brunch at Louie’s Wine Dive in Waldo. They have bottomless mimosas 🙂

I liked the grapefruit juice mimosa the best, but they also had a classic one with OJ, one with grape juice, and one with cranberry juice. I got the Louie’s blue plate. It came with eggs, potatoes, bacon, and toast. They have an omelet with Mac and cheese in it, and I’m not too sure about eggs and pasta, but their Mac and cheese was really good! 

I love a good girls night! And my friends are the best! 


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