Weekend of Williams

This weekend, we went to the Billy Joel concert and saw my brother-in-law, Will, graduate! Hints why this is a weekend of Williams. 

Before the concert on Friday night, we went to The Brick. Notice my Billy Joel concert shirt that I got when I was 10 when I went to my first Billy Joel concert. 

We went with my parents. 

I got a strawberry-rose lemonade. It was very tasty! 


I always get the apple butter and Brie sandwich. It has green apples, apple butter, and Brie cheese on rye bread. I’m pretty bad about getting the same thing whenever I go to a restaurant. I’m not adventurous! The Brick has the best sweet potato fries ever! Perfect amont of crisp to them! 

Once we got to the Sprint Center, I got a new Billy shirt to add to the collection. Travis and I had seats pretty close to the back, but there’s really not a bad seat in the Sprint Center, so I didn’t mind. 

I was expecting Gavin DeGraw to be the opening act; however, Billy came out around 8:30 with no opening act. I was a little upset at first because I also like Gavin DeGraw but Billy Joel’s concert was incredible, no complaints here. 


I loved this concert so much because Billy Joel doesn’t really mess around with fantasy lighting or other gimmicks. He just sings and lets the music be the main attraction. He played the piano throughout most of the concert. However, he did play the guitar for We Didn’t Start the Fire. My favorite song he did was The Longest Time because him and his band did the whole thing accapella. He also did all my favorites: River of Dreams, Italian Restaurant, and Only the Good Die Young. 

Yesterday, we went to watch Will graduate from Northwest with his marketing degree. 

He was one of first names called. Seriously, first 5. 

He girlfriend, Marlee, also graduated. 


I know, it’s hard to see anything in the pictures.

 Then we went to lunch at A&Gs in Maryville. They have my favorite hummus! Marlee’s parents got the graduates 2015 glasses! 

Great weekend! Today will be a movie day! Avengers, here we come! 


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