Westport Date

It’s been a while since the last post! Travis and I had a wonderful spring break trip to the Caribbean (posts to come: just waiting on my parents to upload some pictures). I have been busy with the start of volleyball and Travis has been busy with awards assembly. 

We were lucky to both have Good Friday off this year, so we decided to have a lunch date! 

The morning started with puppy cuddles and netflixing. 


Once we had showered up, we headed to Beer Kitchen in Westport. We had never been there before but we have heard good things. It was pretty busy today, so we had a 15 minute wait. 


Once we got seated, Travis wasn’t very happy. He’s not a fan of bar tables and had no place to rest his feet.


The menu had pretty typical bar food, sandwiches, burgers, Mac and cheese, and of course lots of beer! 


I got the Boulevard Spring Belle. It was fruity and light. Great for a girly beer. 


I got the turkey turkey sandwich. It has turkey, turkey bacon, avocado, chipotle aioli, and white cheddar. 


Travis got the smokestack burger. It had really good fried jalepano straws on it. He didn’t wait for me to take a picture.


We split a small order of fries. Yes, that’s a small. They served it with chipotle aioli and had some good house made ketchups. I really don’t like ketchup but they had whiskey BBQ ketchup that was really good. 


Travis perked up when thefood showed up! 


The walls were pretty neat where we were sitting. They had beer caps pushed into them and some people had pushed pennies into some of the holes. 


After we finished lunch, we walked around a little bit. I have never really explored Westport like a tourist would. I stopped and read some of the informational signs. 


This building (now McCoys) used to be a hotel that was the headquarters for a Union General during the Civil War. 


The things you learn about your own hometown when you explore! We then went to World Market for a bit. 

After our Westport adventure, we headed home to make some snacks for my parents Easter celebration tomorrow. 

Happy Good Friday! 


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