Valentine’s Day 2015


Travis and I had a great Valentine’s Day. Actually, Travis prepared a wonderful Valentine’s week for me! He gave me a different heart shaped candy every day of the week.

Monday was a Russell Stover’s strawberry cream heart.


On Tuesday, he left he notes on my car in the morning. Super cute!



Once I got home, he gave me a small heart with three different candies in it.


Travis left me my candy on my car seat on Wednesday. It worked out perfectly because I had a leadership meeting right after school and then straight to volleyball in St. Joe, so having a chocolate snack during the day was necessary!


On Thursday, Travis got me a slightly bigger candy heart that had six pieces in it. And of course, I forgot to take a picture.

On Friday, Travis got me a Ferrero collection heart, Yum! He also got me a bunch of white board markers. We decided to celebrate on Friday night instead of Saturday partly to avoid the crowds, but mostly because we forgot to make a reservation. We went to Em Chamas Brazilian Grill.


Saturday, Valentine’s Day, Travis got me the best heart of all, Dove chocolate! It has dark chocolate truffles, chocolate covered caramels, and peanut butter truffles, the best three types of candies! He also got me my favorite bottle of wine.



We went out to breakfast at The a Big Biscuit, shopped for curtains, and made homemade deep dish pizza. Last year, we bought a ceiling fan for Valentine’s Day, and this year, we got curtains! Gotta love home improvements.

Watch out for an upcoming blog post of our Google Fiber installation, our new curtains, and my 28 day cleanse.


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