Breakfast Date

Today, I am observing another teacher in the morning and Travis has professional development in the afternoon. So, we each decided to take the other part of the day off as a personal day! It’s the first personal day I have taken all year.

Since Travis took the morning off and I didn’t need to be at school quite so early, we decided to go out for a breakfast date to our favorite breakfast spot, Corner Cafe in Riverside! It was still an early morning, we got up around 5:00 and got to Corner Cafe at 6:00. We go there all the time on the weekends, but this was the first weekday morning we have gone. It had a very different feel than it does on the weekends; I’m pretty sure I was the only girl in the whole restaurant. So many cute old guys getting their morning cup of joe. It’s normally PACKED on the weekends.

I started with coffee. They have some of my favorite coffee.


My date is the best!


They have the best biscuits and gravy! That’s what I normally get. Travis got it this morning. The gravy is so creamy and the biscuits hold up to the gravy really well. A lot of places have biscuits that dissolve into the gravy.


I decided to get an omelet with cheese and bacon, with hash browns and toast. I never finish the whole omelet, I have over half of it in my frig along with some hash browns (Saturday morning breakfast, and I don’t have to go out to get it!)


I know it’s just toast, but they have the best toast! Honestly, how do they make toast taste better than the toast I make? Apple butter is definitely my favorite toast spread.


Corner Cafe has some of the neatest decorations. My favorite is the motorcycle!


If you are a first timer to Corner Cafe, you must get a cinnamon roll! They are huge and warm and covered in the most delicious icing! They don’t put the icing on until right before they give it to you. Yum!


After that I dropped Travis off at home and kissed my cuddle bugs goodbye!


Now that I have finished my observation, time to cuddle with Uno, watch some TV and read! Happy personal day to me 😜


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