Daily Box


One of my New Year’s resolutions is to appreciate each day a little more and take advantage of my time. So, to help me do that, I have started writing down something positive that has happened everyday.


I got a notecard sized box and 366 (leap years) notecards, and I labeled each notecard with the date. I have been writing one line about something good that has happened everyday. I plan to keep this up for a few years, adding more events to each notecard.


I think this will be something that will be fun to reflect on and something Travis and I will enjoy looking back on!

If you are curious, my other New Year’s resolution was get my butt out of bed in the morning at actually eat a real breakfast. I seem to be doing pretty well (4 out of 5 week days the past 3 weeks). I have made eggs, yogurt parfaits, or fruit. I have been feeling much more awake doing this, but I still need a good sized cup of coffee to help me out 🙂


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