Crockpot Deep Dish Pizza


Travis and I really like deep dish pizza. However, it seems that all the deep dish pizza places in the Northland have disappeared. Our favorite was The Dish in Liberty. I know they have frozen pizzas, but it’s just not the same. I was watching The Kitchen on The Food Network Saturday morning, and they made a tasty looking deep dish pizza using the crockpot. I figured we could give it try and it turned out so good!

It starts with canned pizza crust (I used Pillsbury). Spray the bottom of the crockpot with cooking spray and push the pizza crust into the bottom of the crockpot, making sure to get a lip of pizza crust.


Let the crust cook on high for an hour. Here’s the weird part, it cooks WITHOUT THE LID. I know, it sounds weird, but it works.

After an hour, shingle sliced mozzarella cheese around the crust.


The cheese really is the best part of this pizza, don’t be shy with it. The cheese should hang over the edge of the crust.


It started to melt immediately and it smelled so good! Next are the pepperonis (or other toppings).


The Kitchen chefs suggested not to use any watery veggies. Last is the sauce. Make sure it’s a pretty thin layer, but that it covers the whole pizza (next time I make this, I’ll make sure the sauce gets all over the edges too).


The pizza cooks another hour on high, still without the lid. I did put the lid on for the last 10 minutes to make sure the sauce was really warm.

After that, it pulls right out of the crockpot! We just used a spatula to get it out.


A sprinkle of Parmesan cheese and red pepper flakes to top it off.


We cut it up into six slices and ate the whole thing! So good! It’s not The Dish, but it’s a close second!


The rest of the evening was spent watching the Australian Open! What about that Madison Keys? Gotta love an up and coming American athlete.



Daily Box


One of my New Year’s resolutions is to appreciate each day a little more and take advantage of my time. So, to help me do that, I have started writing down something positive that has happened everyday.


I got a notecard sized box and 366 (leap years) notecards, and I labeled each notecard with the date. I have been writing one line about something good that has happened everyday. I plan to keep this up for a few years, adding more events to each notecard.


I think this will be something that will be fun to reflect on and something Travis and I will enjoy looking back on!

If you are curious, my other New Year’s resolution was get my butt out of bed in the morning at actually eat a real breakfast. I seem to be doing pretty well (4 out of 5 week days the past 3 weeks). I have made eggs, yogurt parfaits, or fruit. I have been feeling much more awake doing this, but I still need a good sized cup of coffee to help me out 🙂

Q39 – My New Favorite BBQ Joint


Today, Travis and I decided to try a new bbq place called Q39 in Westport and it was delicious! It just might take the cake for being my favorite bbq in Kansas City. Here’s what I thought about some of the different aspects of the restaurant:


The barbecued meat is the most important thing at any bbq place, and it was spot on! I normally get a brisket sandwich at bbq places, so I got the Pitmaster Brisket Sandwich. It had beef brisket, provolone cheese, onion straws, and bbq sauce on a toasted bun (very comparable to my other favorite KC bbq sandwich, Joe’s KC’s Z-man).


The brisket was really juicy and tender. The onion straws gave it a perfect crunch, and the bun held up really well. Travis got the Judge’s Platter, one of their award winning competition plates. It had spare ribs, brisket, and pulled pork. His favorite were the ribs, but he also really liked the brisket. I snagged a bite of his pulled pork (I’m not normally a huge pulled pork fan because I feel like it can get really fatty and chewy) and it was some if the better pulled pork I have had. Very juicy.



Sauce is huge in KC bbq, but theirs wasn’t my favorite. The flavor was great, but I prefer thick sauce that has a smoky sweet flavor, and theirs was a little too thin for me. Definitely a vinegar based sauce. Luckily, the meat was so good, we hardly added any sauce to our meal!


I am a huge sides girl, love ’em! Travis got baked beans with his meal and they were really good. They had a sweetness about them. Travis also got cornbread with his meal, and he said it was the one thing that didn’t really fit on the plate (although I didn’t try it). I got a side of fries and I wasn’t overly impressed, but I also know that fries aren’t really a traditional bbq side. I normally get cole slaw and I’m upset that I didn’t try theirs today. Guess I’ll be going back soon!



The atmosphere was a more formal one, there are servers, real plates and glassware, white cloth napkins. I prefer a more laid back atmosphere when it comes to bbq, brown paper napkins, seat yourself, wet wipes. The parking was great though! We found a spot pretty easily. And they had a great space for parties.


We sat at the bar tables, and they chairs were very uncomfortable, the chairs are probably my biggest complaint. However, our waiter did look like Harry Potter so that made up for it!


Our meal was around $30. The sandwiches seemed to be around $9 and the platters were between $10-$15. The platters came with sides, but the sandwiches didn’t. There was a price difference between lunch and dinner. I thought it was a pretty good price, especially for the quality of food.

Overall, it’s the meat that makes a bbq place good and this place delivered! Can’t wait to go back!

It was such a nice January day outside today, so Travis and I decided to walk off some of our bbq greatness. I have really enjoyed the sunshine these past few weeks, please don’t go anywhere!




Annual Christmas Party and Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Every year, my best friends and I get together for a Christmas party and a secret Santa gift exchange. This was our TENTH year in a row of doing this! I love my friends. Here we are in previous years.


This year, I hosted. We had pot roast, mashed potatoes, and green beans for dinner with Platte County Pie for dessert. Somehow, we didn’t take any “real” pictures of all 5 of us throughout the night.



Opening presents is the highlight of the night. We are the best gift givers ever. This year, I draw Caitlin’s name and she drew mine!


I got her a Kansas City Chiefs nutcracker to add to her nutcracker collection, and a mug with the initial of her new last name.


She got me Looking for Alaska by John Green, a coffee tumbler, some cute earrings, and white board markers (every teacher’s dream)!


Jayne had Laura, and she got her a nail kit full of polishes and buffers.


Laura had Emily, and she got her some body wash and lotion, and a book on Ireland for her upcoming trip.


Emily had Jayne, and she got her a super cute “passing the bar” game since she will be graduating from law school in May, a candle, and a scarf.


We spent the night playing heads up, girl talking, and snacking. And of course, we had an adult sleep over. No one is too old for a sleepover! We used to stay up all night, but last night we only made it until about 1 am. I absolutely love my best friends and couldn’t image life without them! We have been through so much together and I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years holds for us!