My Favorite Ornaments


Since Travis and I have a pretty high ceiling in our living room, we were able to get a very tall tree, which means room for LOTS of ornaments! Almost all of the ornaments included on this post are from Hallmark. Here are my favorites:

The Harry Potter sorting hat. This one is brand new this year. It plays the scene from Harry Potter where Harry gets stored into Gryffindor.

Michael Scott! It plays 5 of Michael’s funniest quotes.

I think Prep and Landing is one of the cutest Christmas specials! I’m hoping they come out with a new one next year!

We love our Bearcats! (Got this one at the Walmart in Maryville)

Our first Christmas ornament! We got married in 2011.

We got this one last year for our first home.

While Travis and I were poor college students, we made homemade ornaments to give out as Christmas presents. Great, cheap gift! Just need form balls, fabric, and pushpins. Plus, it’s nice having some homemade ornaments on the tree.

And for my favorite of all time, my Mickey Sorcerer’s Apprentice hat! It plays the Sorcerer’s Apprentice songs and lights up.

These are Travis’ favorites: Gandalf, Star Trek, Avatar, and a beer stein ( he has a few beer steins).

We have a number of other ornaments from Walmart and Target. We often will each pick out an ornament when we are at these places to help fill up our tree. Happy tree trimming!


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