Linear Equations Book

Yesterday and today, I had my algebra kids make linear equations books. I know, too much fun stuff this week in algebra…πŸ˜„

We started by folding three pieces of colored paper in half and stapling them together to make books. Then, we cut tabs along the bottom, a total of 5 tabs (the tabs are: slope-intercept form, point-slope form, standard form, horizontal lines, and vertical lines). I let them decorate the covers. Here are a few of them:






On each page, we wrote the following information for each of the different forms of a line:
-the equation
-the different variables and what they stand for
-the graphing steps
-a graphing example (I gave them little graphs to cut out and glue into the books)
-what information we need to write the equation
-a writing equation example

Here are what a few of the pages looked like:





There is so much fun stuff to do with linear equations! What are some activities you have done?


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