Algebra 1 Paint Swatches


I had my algebra 1 students do a fun review today. Travis used paint swatches in his classroom and we had a lot of fun taking paint samples from home improvement stores. So I wanted to try to incorporate them in my room! Here is what we did:


We are working on writing equations with different given information, and one thing my students needed more practice on was writing equations of lines given two points. I also had them do other things, find two points that have a given slope, given an equation of a line find the x and y intercepts, write the equation between two points and trade. There was a lot of options! We are going to use them again when we work on standard form and point-slope form.




My students had a lot of fun picking out their colors and making these. It’s a great review tool for them to use at school and at home. And the best part is that they are still getting good review and practice, but they enjoyed this so much more than doing problems on a worksheet or out of a textbook.


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