Arm Knitting

So, my new craft of choice would have to be arm knitting. I get on knitting or crocheting kicks every once and a while, so I was excited to see arm knitting on Pinterest. The best part about it is you don’t need hooks or needles, just your arms!

Here’s the tutorial I watched to learn how to arm knit

The lady in this tutorial doubles the yarn and uses two skeins at once. I just used one. If you are only going to use one like me, the yarn needs to be really thick. Also, I have only ever needed 1 skein for a whole scarf, but some skeins are smaller than others, so you might need two.

Here are my creations thus far:



I think the gray one is my favorite so far.

This yellow one was the first one I made. Since I was still experimenting with it, I made it really long. So, it can be double or triple looped.



I bought some blue yarn like the yellow above and am going to try doubling it like the video does. They only take 30-45 minutes to make, much quicker than a traditionally knitted scarf!



I knitted a scarf using two colors and it turned out really well!


I like that it’s a little thicker, but not as wide. I decided to make this one long enough to double up too. I going to have too many scarfs before too long. I need to start giving some way… Christmas presents for everyone!


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