Halloween Weekend

It’s finally starting to feel like fall outside, just in time for Halloween! Odd as it sounds, I really enjoy staying home on Halloween and handing out candy to the little kids. I’m not big into haunted houses or being scared, so it’s just easier to stay in. However, I was pretty disappointed in the turnout of trick-or-treaters this year. Is trick-or-treating dying in America? We had at most 20 kids come by (last year we had over 30). Free candy and it was a nice night. Come on kids!


Here we are, disappointed no kids wanted out candy.


I guess Halloween is a good night to catch up on American Horror Story.


On a positive note, I get more Halloween candy.


Empty street…

Saturday, we went up to Maryville for the Northwest vs. MoWest game. Of course, the Bearcats stomped MoWest! 40-3!



We brought Uno up with us too. He had a great time cuddling with Pepsi.



On the drive home, Uno ended up with my ear warmer around his neck, so cute! He’s like a little person.


Time to spend the evening reading, drinking sleepy time, and cuddling with the pooch. I’m currently reading Paper Towns by John Green and it’s really good! Best book I’ve read in a while. However, this time change is really throwing me off, is it really only 8:00 right now?


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