Meatless Monday

In attempts to get healthier, Travis and I have been participating in meatless Monday (sometimes meatless Tuesday depending on what we have going on Monday evening). Meatless Monday is an opportunity to bump up your veggie intake one day and eat less fatty meat. I understand that the correct meat in the correct amount is very healthy, but we don’t need it everyday. For lunch on Mondays, I stick to pb&j with natural peanut butter, organic jelly, and whole wheat bread with a fruit and veggie side. I also have been eating almonds before volleyball practice for a protein boost.

Here are a few of our favorite meatless recipes:

These quesadillas are so good and they don’t take a lot of cheese to make them flavorful. I never thought to put pesto on a quesadilla before, but it added a great flavor. We did leave the mushrooms out of this one. Travis also made them on the grill (he grilled the veggies, then put down tinfoil to cook the quesadillas).

I saw Ree Drummond make this lasagna once on her TV show on The Food Network and it looked so good I had to try it. The nice thing about casserole dishes like lasagna is you can make the meal ahead of time and freeze it. Great time saver! I only made a 9 by 9 casserole dish, so I had leftover sauce.

Tonight (meatless Tuesday this week) I took the leftover sauce from the lasagna recipe, heated it up over the stove with a cup of skim milk and made grilled cheese with vegetable tomato soup. Super easy! I froze the leftover sauce a week ago and let it thaw out in the fridge today. I normally don’t eat the tomato soup, I just use it as a dip but today, Travis and I both finished our soup as well as our grilled cheese.

We have also had grilled or baked fish on Monday nights with quinoa and a veggie side (I hope fish isn’t cheating meatless Monday!) We have also really stepped up running lately which is very hard with us both coaching a fall sport.

What good meatless Monday recipes do you have? We are always up for something new! I’m thinking something with butternut squash in the near future…


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