Welcome Back to School

August is a crazy month in a teacher’s world! It feels good to be back at school, but it’s so hard to get the routine going again. I absolutely love my new school! The staff and students are incredible! And in the plus side, I have gone two weeks without filling my gas tank and I don’t have to leave my house until 6:45.

Since I’m also coaching volleyball, I have had some LONG days. My average day is close to 11 hours (I leave around 6:45 and get home around 5:45). On game days it’s later. Plus I will be spending every Sunday at school through October to stay on top of things. It will all be worth it though, Travis and I just booked our spring break cruise! All my coaching money is going to the cruise.

Probably he worst part about heading back to school is leaving his little guy at home all day.



We had have some time for fun though. Travis and I got to go to the Katy Perry concert last week! Probably didn’t help the exhaustion we were both feeling from the start of school, but still totally worth it.




We also went to Parkville Days last weekend. We watched the parade and walked around the carnival.


Tomorrow we are headed to the Kansas City Irish Fest downtown! Three day weekend are the best 🙂


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