La Seyne, France

Our last day was in La Seyne, France. The port of call on our itinerary was technically Toulon, but we were actually within walking distance of La Seyne, and a 20 minute boat drive away from Toulon. We originally were going to go to a beach; however, we ended up canceling our excursion because we thought we were going to have bad weather. Our captain decided we needed to leave France an hour early to make it to Barcelona in time. We figured this wouldn’t be the best time to go to the beach.

The day actually ended up being pretty nice, we would have been fine at the beach. It was VERY windy though. The locals told us its about that windy 100 days out of the year. We ended up just walking around the small town of La Seyne. We took next to no pictures, so not the most colorful blog post.

We walked to the town square and then around a really interesting market. It was a very different experience from anything else we had done on our cruise.


We then walked around the port some and got some good pictures of the ship.




After that, we board back on the ship to pack up our things. We watched an interesting aerial show in the centrum.


We then spent some time out on deck as we pulled away from our final destination. Even though we left an hour early, we had to turn back for a medical evacuation, so we actually left 15 minutes late. We walked around the deck, took a few silly pictures, had some good drinks, and made a couple new friends!

We then had our final dinner with our amazing tablemates and wait staff!



Charlie, the assistant waiter


Neftali, our head waiter

The final show for the cruise was a Russian aerialist duo and they were amazing! It was very poor planning on Royal Caribbean’s part to have these two preform the same day as the dancers on board did their aerial show. The Russian duo blew the Royal Caribbean dancers out of the water. They also had a farewell portion of the show were at least one person from each department came on stage. The crew really did do a wonderful job!


As you can guess, the water was very rough that night. I think the captain was trying to make up time so he was going very fast. I went to bed early. Sorry I’m so boring. We needed to wake up early the next morning to disembark anyway.

Royal Caribbean assigned us an 8:30 check out time. However, we needed to get off the boat earlier than that due to our flight time, which meant our only option was to carry our own luggage off at 6:30. We were a little upset about this at the beginning, but it was a major blessing in disguise. It really was so much easier and quicker getting off the boat with our own luggage in hand (Normal cruise check out process is as follows: You set your bags outside our room the night before, excluding your carry-on. In the morning, you wait on the ship until your group is called to leave. You dash out in a mad rush with everyone else in your group. You wait at a baggage claim roundabout thingy like you do in the airport to pick up your luggage. You find your way to the airport and begin the check in process there.) Opting to carry your own luggage off meant we didn’t have to set our bags out the night before and at 6:30 we carried our bags up one flight of stairs (we were on the 4th floor and the exit was on the 5th floor) and walked off the ship with about 50 other people and very easily got into a cab to the airport. SO EASY. Consider it.

The most exciting thing after that was seeing a beagle drug dog. Seriously the cutest, most non-intimidating drug dog ever! And he busted someone! I also finally got to watch Silver Linings Playbook on the way home. Very cute movie! And the plane food really sucked on the way back, but I had my first coke in well over 1 year.

Now we are home, and sad/depressed to not be in Europe. Sorry America, Europe is way better. Can’t wait to go back! Where in the world should we travel to next? Our thoughts are Northern Europe, Africa, Australia, Alaska, or Eastern Mediterranean. What do you think? Disney is always an option too 🙂  


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