Final Sea Day

We had 3 days at sea, 2 at the beginning and 1 in the middle. Since we weren’t docked anywhere, we took the day to sleep in. We got up around 9, so we could go to the Captain’s Corner at 10. Captain’s Corner allowed passengers to ask the captain and other employees different questions about the ship. Here are some things that we learned:

  • The ship costs about 800 million dollars
  • The ship uses azipod propellers which means they pull the ship instead of push like traditional propellers
  • The captain gets 10 weeks on/10 weeks off which means each ship has two captains
  • The entertainment brought on board is often based off the demographic of the cruisers

We then went to the cake decorating contest. It was between the captain, the manager of food and drinks, and the head chef.


manager of food and drinks on left, head chef in the middle, and captain on the right


The captain got an extra tall hat


Instead of sprinkling the cake with liquor, the captain poured over half the bottle


The captain also really likes his cream frosting


The head chef’s final cake


The captain’s final cake


The manager of food and drink’s final cake

After that, we went to lunch and met a couple from Namibia. We met a lot of people on this cruise (more than the Caribbean cruises), but this couple was very nice and were the only people we met from Africa. They talked us into considering a trip to Africa next! For the most part, young couples on Caribbean cruises are honeymooners, which means they pretty much want to spend their time alone. There were a lot more friendly, young couples on this cruise.

Then we attended the belly flop competition. Don’t worry, Travis didn’t compete. An old guy won (grandpa aged).


After that, we went to the Love and Marriage game show. They got three couples on the stage and would ask one person a question and see if their partner came up with the same answer. Here are some question examples:

  • Who would you not want to be stuck on a desert island with from your wife’s family?
  • What’s one thing you would make bigger and one thing you would make smaller on your wife?
  • Where is the craziest place you have made whoopee?
  • What is your biggest pet peeve about your husband?

That night was a formal night, so we got all fancied up! The show for the night was Analiza Ching, a violinist that competed on Britain’s Got Talent. She was a phenomenal musician, but had an awkward stage presence.

We then watched some people play minute-to-win-it type games in the centrum. For example, they had to shake ping pong balls out of a Kleenex box that was tied to their lower back, get a coin out of the bottom of pantyhose only using your fingers, etc. We also watched one of the cruise director staff members do a tribute to Michael Jackson by dancing to 5 of his songs. He was a great MJ impersonator! He had a lot of talent (same one who could speak 6 different languages).

We finished out the evening by playing some shuffle board on deck and listening to music! We wanted to be well rested for our big day to Pompeii!


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