Embarkation and The 2 Days at Sea

We started the day going to the same bakery we went to the day before to get breakfast. It was just a block away from our hotel and really good!


We then took a final walk around Barcelona. It was actually very peaceful in the morning. We checked out of our hotel and made our way to the ship. We decided to take a taxi since our ship was docked at the very end of the port. The cost from the hotel to the cruise terminal was not very expensive at all and it was super easy.


We also had the easiest check in on the cruise. Like I said before, this is Travis and mine’s third cruise together. In the past we have left out of Miami and normally had to wait 2-3 hours before actually getting on the ship. This time, however, we walked on in about 15 minutes. So easy! It was also nice to explore the ship a little before loads of people got on.


Once we got on the ship, we spent the afternoon exploring, reading, playing shuffleboard, playing ping pong, and playing Wii Tennis. The ping pong tables were normally full of kids and teens, so it was nice to get the chance to play without them!


We then watched Barcelona disappear off the back of the ship.




Next came time to eat dinner. We got to sit with some awesome people from Scotland (a married couple and the wife’s sister). They were so fun! One thing Travis and I like about cruises is getting to eat dinner with the same people everyday and talking about each others adventures from the day. We got to know them pretty well since this was a 12 day cruise.

Another great thing about cruising is the shows. Travis and I went to the show every night. The first was a show with traditional Argentinian dance and music. It was something I had never seen before, so it was really fun to watch.


Travis likes trivia quite a bit, so we went to trivia next. We had to guess the names of famous people with skewed faces. we got 10 out of 20.

Lastly, we watched the World Cup on deck. We had a lot of different countries represented on our cruise, so there was a group from almost every country that was playing the World Cup. Travis and I spent a lot of our evenings watching the games.

Following our embarkation day, we had two days at sea. We don’t take nearly as many pictures on days at sea, so not the most picture filled post.


We started the day getting out early to get a good spot on deck. If you are on a cruise and like to lay out, getting to the deck before 10 is a good idea. We were probably there from 9-12 laying out. We also prefer morning lay out sessions. The decks are less crowded and the sun doesn’t seem nearly as harsh.

I was reading a book called Cinder by Marissa Meyer. Since I am a soon-to-be middle school teacher, I need to read more young adult books. This is a YA story that is a twist on the traditional Cinderella. It has humans, cyborgs, (part human, part machine) and Lunars (moon people), a prince, a mechanic, a deadly plague, an evil step mother, and a whole lot of conflict.


We then went to Italian speaking lessons. One of the cruise director staff members spoke about 6 different languages (and could also dance like Michael Jackson and sing jazz).

Travis then wanted to go to a lecture of the 7 Wonders of the World. It wasn’t high on my to-do list, but I went with him. It was actually really interesting. I only knew 2 wonders before going and now I can list them all and tell you a little about each one!

Since I went to the lecture, Travis had to come with me to cha cha cha dancing lessons! So we can now do the basic cha cha cha!

We also had aerialists on our ship and got to watch them practice for a little bit in the centrum.


This ship also had great music! We would regularly grab a drink, get the daily trivia/word search/Sudoku, and listen to the music. The drink of the day was a strawberry mojito. It was by far the best drink we had the whole cruise AND we got to keep the glasses!


We had two and a half formal nights on board (one night near the end was supposed to be formal, but it was posted incorrectly. Some dressed formal, some didn’t). Formal nights on cruise ships are great reasons for ladies to bring old bridesmaid dresses out of retirement. (Notice the burn I got on my shoulder, whoops!)


The show for the night was the Emperors of Soul. It was a group of 4 guys that sang soul music, my favorite being the Temptations.

The next day at sea, we got up at 5:30 to run. We didn’t work out often, but I can at least say we did a few times. We then were awake to watch as we passed between Italy and Sicily.




We didn’t go to nearly as many activities on board today. We laid out for about 6 hours. We got really burnt. We also learned that I was having some sort of reaction to our sunblock. My cheeks and neck got blotchy and itchy. You might be able to tell my cheeks are red and puffy in some of the pictures. It was gross. Travis also smashed his finger in a deck chair. He said it was very painful. It was even more gross.


During our 6 hours, I finished Cinder and started reading Maze Runner by James Dashner. Its very Hunger Games style. The main character, Thomas, wakes up in a box with no memories except for his name. He is met by a group of boys whose memories are also gone. They are surrounded by a maze and are doing everything they can to figure out what the maze means.

We also went to general knowledge trivia where I debated who the “world’s most famous dog” is. We got a hint that the dog was a real dog, which I took to mean not a character. The answer was Lassie. Do you think Lassie is a “real dog”. I think not.

We also played mini golf. I won.

The show for the night was the Royal Caribbean productions of Stage to Screen, where they performed Broadway musicals that had been made into movies. They did numbers from West Side Story, Little Shop of Horrors, Hairspray, Chicago, and some weird one we had never seen before. This show was really good, my favorite song was Cell Block Tango from Chicago.

We also had a country western theme night aboard, so we went to the country western party. I did some line dances while Travis watched. He doesn’t like dancing very much.


Up next, Kotor, Montenegro!



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