Mediterranean Vacation


Travis and I just got back from a beautiful Mediterranean cruise yesterday! We have been planning this vacation for about 2 years (at least talking about it) and we had such a wonderful time. I am going to do separate posts for each of our locations, but I thought I would start with just a basic post about the trip.

We went on the Serenade of the Seas (Royal Caribbean) for a 12 day cruise. We went a few days early to spend some extra time in Barcelona, then we went to Montenegro, Venice, Croatia, Salerno (Pompeii), Civitavecchia (Rome), Laspezia (Florence/Pisa), and Toulon, France.

We had a good balance of relaxing and sightseeing. We booked excursions through the cruise for almost every stop. Of course, we wish we had more time in some of the locations, but now we know where we want to go back to and it was nice to get an overview of the western Mediterranean.

Travis and I have now been on three cruises together, so weren’t not experts, but we now have some expectations. The housekeeping staff was fantastic and I thought the shows were really great too. I was not as impressed with the food/drinks on this ship though.

My favorite stop was Venice; however, the place I would probably go back to first would be Rome (there is SO much to see). The biggest surprises of the trip for me were Montenegro and Florence. My least favorite stop was Croatia (still beautiful though, just wasn’t as memorable).

Look out for my posts about the locations! We’re going to get all our pictures organized before I start that so it might take a few days.

Here we are on the airplane, getting ready to go:


And here’s Travis now that we’re home:


Successful trip? I’d say so.


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