Starlight Date: We Will Rock You

Last night, Travis and I went to see We Will Rock You at Starlight. We had a great date night together!

We started out by going to Minskys pizza. I was happy Travis picked a place with TVs, so we could watch the World Cup.


We ordered garlic cheese toast to start out with. It was so good! We got four huge slices for only $3.


We then split a small pizza with meatballs. My favorite thing about Minskys is their honey wheat crust. They have either changed the recipe for their honey wheat crust, or they gave us white crust instead. I was disappointed.


Then, we headed out to Starlight. We got there super early (I thought the show started at 8, but it actually started at 8:30), so we walked around and sat down in the patio area before heading to out seats. The past two times we have been to starlight, at least one actor has come out on stage to warm up with people in the audience. Spoils some of the surprise.


Travis and I have seen this musical before when we were in London and we were not too happy with Starlight’s selection. Not one of my favorite musicals. The storyline is very weak and the singing was average (it’s hard to compare to Freddie Mercury). In my opinion, the stand out actor was Buddy, he was hilarious!

I will say the show seems to have improved with the recent updates they have made to the US traveling show. They made it much more tailored to an American audience. Much of the dialog involves quotes from famous songs, which I found funny (in a very intentional and cheesy way), but I could see how some people might not like it as much (especially if you were unfamiliar with some of the songs). In the British version, they used my favorite Queen song, Don’t Stop me Now, but it was cut in the US version 😦 There is also a few songs that are oddly placed. For example, Fat Bottom Girls was sung completely randomly and did not fit into the storyline whatsoever. However, Queen is one of my favorite bands of all time, so it was so much fun to go and listen to some great music! And the band was fantastic!

By far, one of my biggest pet peeves about going to shows are the people that leave during the last song or the curtain call. So rude! The old president of Starlight use to mention this at the beginning of the show and it did cut back on the number if people that would leave early. I think the new president really needs to point this out to the audience before the show starts.

My goal in the next few days is to finish reading The Winter’s Tale. Great book, but it’s so long!



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