Starlight Date: We Will Rock You

Last night, Travis and I went to see We Will Rock You at Starlight. We had a great date night together!

We started out by going to Minskys pizza. I was happy Travis picked a place with TVs, so we could watch the World Cup.


We ordered garlic cheese toast to start out with. It was so good! We got four huge slices for only $3.


We then split a small pizza with meatballs. My favorite thing about Minskys is their honey wheat crust. They have either changed the recipe for their honey wheat crust, or they gave us white crust instead. I was disappointed.


Then, we headed out to Starlight. We got there super early (I thought the show started at 8, but it actually started at 8:30), so we walked around and sat down in the patio area before heading to out seats. The past two times we have been to starlight, at least one actor has come out on stage to warm up with people in the audience. Spoils some of the surprise.


Travis and I have seen this musical before when we were in London and we were not too happy with Starlight’s selection. Not one of my favorite musicals. The storyline is very weak and the singing was average (it’s hard to compare to Freddie Mercury). In my opinion, the stand out actor was Buddy, he was hilarious!

I will say the show seems to have improved with the recent updates they have made to the US traveling show. They made it much more tailored to an American audience. Much of the dialog involves quotes from famous songs, which I found funny (in a very intentional and cheesy way), but I could see how some people might not like it as much (especially if you were unfamiliar with some of the songs). In the British version, they used my favorite Queen song, Don’t Stop me Now, but it was cut in the US version 😦 There is also a few songs that are oddly placed. For example, Fat Bottom Girls was sung completely randomly and did not fit into the storyline whatsoever. However, Queen is one of my favorite bands of all time, so it was so much fun to go and listen to some great music! And the band was fantastic!

By far, one of my biggest pet peeves about going to shows are the people that leave during the last song or the curtain call. So rude! The old president of Starlight use to mention this at the beginning of the show and it did cut back on the number if people that would leave early. I think the new president really needs to point this out to the audience before the show starts.

My goal in the next few days is to finish reading The Winter’s Tale. Great book, but it’s so long!



First Few Weeks of Summer

I’ve had a great 2014 summer so far! The weeks are flying by! Most people probably think teachers just sit around and do nothing all summer, but I feel like I’ve had more on my calendar in the past few weeks than I did during the school year. Here’s what I’ve been up to:

My grandma got an adorable dog named Lars. He’s a chihuahua dachshund mix and approximately six years old. This dog LOVES to cuddle. He likes to be carried everywhere. He’s a handful, but my grandma is up for giving him his forever home. She got him through the KC Pet Project.



We also went to the first starlight show of the season, The Wizard of Oz. This was an updated version with some new songs. It was really fun! This was their “kids” show, so they had some kid activities, like making tornados in a bottle, meeting Brian Busby and talking about weather, and meeting some adoptable dogs! I, of course, wanted to spend time with the dogs. We also went on the backstage tour. We have been on the back stage tour so many times we could probably give it! My favorite actor was Toto, which we got to see on the backstage tour!




We also celebrated my mom’s birthday by going to Chuy’s on the Plaza. If you want a cheap meal, go to Chuy’s Monday-Friday from 4-7, order a drink and feast on their free happy hour nacho bar! Yum


A few weeks ago, we ran the 5k Hospital Hill Run. They changed it this year and did the 5k on Friday night and did the 10k and half marathon Saturday morning. We lucked out; the weather was perfect Friday night, but rained Saturday morning. As you can see, we themed our outfits!





Today, we celebrated Father’s Day by going to lunch at Stone Canyon Pizza, taking a walk in English Landing Park, and looking at the artwork/getting coffee at the Parkville Coffee House. Fun fact: my dad use to be the manager of a restaurant that was in the same building as the Parkville Coffee House, and for my parent’s first date, he brought her to the restaurant , made her whatever she wanted, and ate upstairs! Happy Father’s Day to the best out there!


Now to watch the season finale of Game of Thrones and The World Cup. Uno has been rooting for his Italian brothers 🙂 I personally liked the Costa Rica team.


A Few of my Favorite Things – May Edition

I know, it’s June. I’ve been super busy the last few weeks with the last days of school, making sure my St Joe classroom is cleaned out and starting volleyball with the Pirates. So, here are the things I enjoyed in May.

1. Factorials – my students did a probability unit at he end of the year, and we worked with permutations and combinations. If you know anything about math, you know you need factorials to do those. My students had a lot of fun doing different problems with factorials and learning about something they never had any experience with before.

Review of what a factorial is:
5! = 5*4*3*2*1=120
Take the number in front of the exclamation point, and multiply all the numbers less than or equal to that number.

2. Quiz Up – it’s an app that allows you to challenge other people to trivia quizzes. My user name is sammiewp if you want to challenge me! There are A LOT of different topics. I probably do the Harry Potter (books and movies categories) the most.


3. Summer reading – I know, I talk a lot but reading, but it’s a great summer hobby. Here’s my stack to get through this month:


4. Daylight – gotta love how long the days are in the summer! Travis and I have been enjoying the time by walking a lot in the evenings.





5. The French Open – tennis has three of its major tournaments in the summer, which means I get to watch a lot of them! I really like watching the French Open because it looks like fun to play on clay. I’m currently watching the Sharapova vs. Bouchard semifinal. Of course, my favorite is still Andy Murray!


6. 2048 – it’s another app. This one is a single player number game. You combine numbers that are the same and try to get it as high as you can. It’s hard to explain. Just try it, it’s free 🙂

Happy June!