A Few of my Favorite Things – April Edition

April has been an exciting month for the Paynes! Here’s some of my favorites:

1. Pirates – I’m going to be a pirate next year! I accepted a job working at Platte City Middle School! I’m very sad to be leaving Benton and quite nervous about switching to middle school, but my car is very ready for the change. My drive goes from 45 minutes to 20 minutes. I’m very excited to try something new!


2. Game of Thrones Parties – I don’t really watch the show, but my hubby and friends do. We have them over every few weeks to eat, chat, and watch GOT. We theme out dinners as well. last week we did cookout food. Tonight it’s casseroles. It’s nice to see friends Sunday night before getting back into the work week.

3. Boom Chicka Pop – it’s a really tasty popcorn, and healthy too! I think the lightly sweet is my favorite, but the white cheddar is pretty good too.


4. My new iPhone 5 – I had an iPhone 3 until a few weeks ago, so I love having the iPhone 5! It’s so much faster. It also has a front facing camera, making selfies with Uno much easier.


5. April Shower Naps – I think we all would agree that falling asleep to a drizzling rain is the best way to fall asleep! It’s been rainy all day today, and I’ve been wanting to NAP.

6. Heat Defense Spray – my new, shorter hair requires more straightening, which means more heat on my hair than before. I’ve tried a few different heat defense sprays over the years, but I think I found my favorite. It keeps my hair straight and smells so good! L’oreal iron straight heat spray.


7. SPRING BREAK – mine is finally starting! Hello sleeping in 🙂 spring break = pre summer, am I right?


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