The New Theatre

Last night, Travis, my parents, and I went to the New Theatre over in Kansas to see Harvey.



It was so much fun! First off, they have one of the best buffets ever! This is literally the first time I can remember that I took EVERYTHING on he buffet and put it on my plate.


You also get a dinner salad and a roll that I didn’t get in the picture. It was all really good. We also got chocolate cobbler for dessert.

The main reason for going to the theatre is for the show, not the dinner, and the show was also great! They are performing Harvey, which is about a man whose best friend is an imaginary, big, white rabbit. It was very funny, the actors were all great!

Harvey has had a special place in my family. My parents both grew up as actors and actually met through an audition. They did a lot of community theater when they were newlyweds and when my brother and I were young. Both of my parents were in the production of Harvey (my mom was in it three times, and my dad played the lead role once and directed it once). Part of the story line requires a large painted picture of the lead, Elwood, with Harvey, the rabbit. So, when my dad played Elwood, he painted a large picture of himself with a huge rabbit.


I grew up with a lot of old stage props throughout the house, for example, Tin Tim, a suit of armor. Check him out on the left of this picture.


So I never really thought anything strange of having a picture of your dad with a large rabbit. I seriously think I thought it was the Easter bunny growing up. Now that I have seen the play, the picture in our study makes so much more sense! It was fun growing up with all these personal touches throughout the house!



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