A Commuter’s Nightmare

Here’s how my morning went:

Uno woke me up to go outside at 4:30am. I was not a happy puppy mommy. I opened the bedroom door, let him out into the living room, and closed the bedroom door.

After that, I was oddly awake until 5:45 when we normally get up. It was at this point I let Uno outside, in the rain, he was not happy about the rain.

I got ready like normal. I intended to leave my house around 6:15 to get to school by 7 to lead an ACT Prep session. As I was leaving, I thought to myself, “wow, the sun is out early this morning”.

I’m driving, doing a little morning music session, listening to some Africa by Toto. I look at the clock in my car and notice it says 7:49. Just a heads up, school starts at 7:40. I momentarily have a panic attack but think to myself, “I probably forgot to switch my car clock during day light savings time”.

So I check my phone. It says 7:49. Ummm what?!?! How could they both be wrong? I call one of my coworkers and ask her in a probably crazy sounding voice, “is it really 7:49 right now?”

Coworker: Yes.

Me: Oh, I’m going to be late to school.

Coworker: “Have you even left your house yet?


It all clicks. We have an atomic alarm clock. On few occasions, specifically around day light savings time, it will either not reset itself or reset itself incorrectly. Our stupid alarm clock at some point in the night set itself back an hour. Uno waking up, me being wide awake, the sun being out. Next I call Travis.

Me: Do you see what time it is right now?

Travis: Holy $h*%!

Me: Yeah, we’re buying a new alarm clock tonight. Have a great day!

Lucky for me, I had a first hour plan and Travis had a late start. If we were going to be late, today was the day.

But we went to Target and got a new, beautiful, easy to use alarm clock!


Goodbye stupid alarm clock!



That’s our morning! At least I got an extra hour of sleep! Here’s to waking up on time tomorrow…



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