Homemade Dog Treats

I thought I would try making some homemade dog treats for Uno. Most of the ones on Pinterest involve weird ingredients that I don’t normally have at home. As I was watching the food network (Ree Drummond, my favorite) a commercial came on for some homemade dog treats and all the ingredients were normal! The only thing I had to buy was whole wheat flour, which I will still use in people food. Here’s the recipe:

2 cups whole wheat flour
1/2 cup old fashioned oats
1 tablespoon baking powder
1 cup chicken broth (I used a bouillon cube and a cup of hot water)
1 cup creamy peanut butter
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese

Mix together the first three ingredients. Then mix in the broth and the peanut butter. This was really easy for me because the bouillon cube needs to dissolve in warm water, so it kinda melted the peanut butter. Last, mix in the cheese. It smells really gross. I gave Uno a bite of the batter to make sure he liked the flavor. He does!


Spray the cookie sheet with cookie spray and bake at 375 degrees. Since I have a small dog, I made small treats. Uno also prefers soft dog treats, so he would rather have under baked instead of over baked. So, I baked mine for 10 minutes, but you might need 15-20 depending on the size and crunchiness of the treat.

I was out of Parmesan cheese. Luckily, we were having Italian night for Game of Thrones tonight, and our friends let us use their Parmesan cheese. We gave them some treats in return for their dog, Bentley.

I stored them in this cute container my sister-in-law made Uno for Christmas.


Happy Game of Throning!


(Missing Jayne – happy finals studying!)


Is Dancing with the Stars Judged Fairly?

Warning, controversial post! I don’t normally post controversial things, but I feel pretty strongly about this one.


I have watched Dancing with the Stars on and off since the first season. When they released the cast for this season, I was pretty pumped. Cody Simpson, NeNe Leakes, Olympians Charlie White and Meryl Davis, DJ from Full House, Winnie from the Wonder Years, Drew Carey, I mean come on! I actually know who half the cast is before the season even starts! That means we have some true A List starts. 


I think its fair to say the Olympic gold metal ice dancers came into the show with a major advantage over the other contestants, but they have had gymnasts (Shawn Johnson), Dirty Dancers (Jennifer Grey), and numerous performs with a strong dance background such as Disney star Corbin Bleu and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger. Its somewhat understood that the different contestants will come in with different dance backgrounds, and some will have a major advantage. Its part of the game!


One of the stars I knew less about before the show started was Amy Purdy, Paralympic snowboarder with amputated legs below the knee and wears prosthetic legs. I thought, “What an inspiration, good for her!” She really is one of the top dancers on the show and I really believe she has earned her way through every week. However, the judges seem to be scoring her unfairly. Given her circumstances, she is going to struggle more than some of the other contestants. They have had contestants struggling with all kinds of health problems and their scores have reflected their struggles. Amy, on the other hand, seems to be getting scores higher, even when she has obvious mistakes. For example last week, her and partner Derek Hough had a lift in their performance. One of the judges, Carrie Ann claims to be the “lift police” and always calls dancers on illegal lifts, and takes a point off for it. However, Carrie Ann said this last week, “The bad news is, you know I always call lifts and I saw some lifts. But I cannot take off a point from you for doing a lift because of your unique circumstance”. 


COME ON! Derek has been on this show for SEASONS. He can choreograph a dance that doesn’t involve a lift regardless of the circumstances of the dancer. Tonight, she made a clear mistake that someone like me (not a professional ballroom dancer) could pick up on and she still got two 10s. WHAT? Charlie White, someone who has been in dance class since he was a child, danced way better than Amy tonight. However, expectations for him are so much higher than they are for Amy. 


What do you think, should the dancers be judged on the same scale (meaning a 9 for one contestant means they danced the same as a 9 from another contestant) or should the dancers be judged on a personal scale (meaning a 9 for one contestant means the are almost at their full potential but maybe not at the same level as a 9 from some other contestant). Thoughts? 

A Few of my Favorite Things – April Edition

April has been an exciting month for the Paynes! Here’s some of my favorites:

1. Pirates – I’m going to be a pirate next year! I accepted a job working at Platte City Middle School! I’m very sad to be leaving Benton and quite nervous about switching to middle school, but my car is very ready for the change. My drive goes from 45 minutes to 20 minutes. I’m very excited to try something new!


2. Game of Thrones Parties – I don’t really watch the show, but my hubby and friends do. We have them over every few weeks to eat, chat, and watch GOT. We theme out dinners as well. last week we did cookout food. Tonight it’s casseroles. It’s nice to see friends Sunday night before getting back into the work week.

3. Boom Chicka Pop – it’s a really tasty popcorn, and healthy too! I think the lightly sweet is my favorite, but the white cheddar is pretty good too.


4. My new iPhone 5 – I had an iPhone 3 until a few weeks ago, so I love having the iPhone 5! It’s so much faster. It also has a front facing camera, making selfies with Uno much easier.


5. April Shower Naps – I think we all would agree that falling asleep to a drizzling rain is the best way to fall asleep! It’s been rainy all day today, and I’ve been wanting to NAP.

6. Heat Defense Spray – my new, shorter hair requires more straightening, which means more heat on my hair than before. I’ve tried a few different heat defense sprays over the years, but I think I found my favorite. It keeps my hair straight and smells so good! L’oreal iron straight heat spray.


7. SPRING BREAK – mine is finally starting! Hello sleeping in 🙂 spring break = pre summer, am I right?

The New Theatre

Last night, Travis, my parents, and I went to the New Theatre over in Kansas to see Harvey.



It was so much fun! First off, they have one of the best buffets ever! This is literally the first time I can remember that I took EVERYTHING on he buffet and put it on my plate.


You also get a dinner salad and a roll that I didn’t get in the picture. It was all really good. We also got chocolate cobbler for dessert.

The main reason for going to the theatre is for the show, not the dinner, and the show was also great! They are performing Harvey, which is about a man whose best friend is an imaginary, big, white rabbit. It was very funny, the actors were all great!

Harvey has had a special place in my family. My parents both grew up as actors and actually met through an audition. They did a lot of community theater when they were newlyweds and when my brother and I were young. Both of my parents were in the production of Harvey (my mom was in it three times, and my dad played the lead role once and directed it once). Part of the story line requires a large painted picture of the lead, Elwood, with Harvey, the rabbit. So, when my dad played Elwood, he painted a large picture of himself with a huge rabbit.


I grew up with a lot of old stage props throughout the house, for example, Tin Tim, a suit of armor. Check him out on the left of this picture.


So I never really thought anything strange of having a picture of your dad with a large rabbit. I seriously think I thought it was the Easter bunny growing up. Now that I have seen the play, the picture in our study makes so much more sense! It was fun growing up with all these personal touches throughout the house!


A Commuter’s Nightmare

Here’s how my morning went:

Uno woke me up to go outside at 4:30am. I was not a happy puppy mommy. I opened the bedroom door, let him out into the living room, and closed the bedroom door.

After that, I was oddly awake until 5:45 when we normally get up. It was at this point I let Uno outside, in the rain, he was not happy about the rain.

I got ready like normal. I intended to leave my house around 6:15 to get to school by 7 to lead an ACT Prep session. As I was leaving, I thought to myself, “wow, the sun is out early this morning”.

I’m driving, doing a little morning music session, listening to some Africa by Toto. I look at the clock in my car and notice it says 7:49. Just a heads up, school starts at 7:40. I momentarily have a panic attack but think to myself, “I probably forgot to switch my car clock during day light savings time”.

So I check my phone. It says 7:49. Ummm what?!?! How could they both be wrong? I call one of my coworkers and ask her in a probably crazy sounding voice, “is it really 7:49 right now?”

Coworker: Yes.

Me: Oh, I’m going to be late to school.

Coworker: “Have you even left your house yet?


It all clicks. We have an atomic alarm clock. On few occasions, specifically around day light savings time, it will either not reset itself or reset itself incorrectly. Our stupid alarm clock at some point in the night set itself back an hour. Uno waking up, me being wide awake, the sun being out. Next I call Travis.

Me: Do you see what time it is right now?

Travis: Holy $h*%!

Me: Yeah, we’re buying a new alarm clock tonight. Have a great day!

Lucky for me, I had a first hour plan and Travis had a late start. If we were going to be late, today was the day.

But we went to Target and got a new, beautiful, easy to use alarm clock!


Goodbye stupid alarm clock!



That’s our morning! At least I got an extra hour of sleep! Here’s to waking up on time tomorrow…