A Few of My Favorite Things – March Edition

Spring is on its way! We have had a glimmer of nice weather (just a few days) and I’m ready for it! Here are my March favorites:

1. Flavored water – make your own cucumber water! Just fill a pitcher with water, 10-15 pieces of thinly sliced cucumber, and let them soak overnight. Yummy and tasty flavored water! I have been drinking all different kinds of [store bought] flavored water lately.

2. Self tanner – it’s finally time to start seeing some leg! I have been using Jergens Natural Glow 3-4 times a week. I would take a picture of my tan legs, but I haven’t shaved in a few days, so that’s not going to happen.


3. Fooducate app – it’s a pretty neat app that allows you to track your food intake, exercise, and other health information to help your reach a goal weight/fitness. I would like to lose a few pounds before our summer cruise so I came eat it all back in Europe.

4. Survivor – it’s back! My favorite show! I would love to audition for it some day, probably something I would prefer to do sooner or later.

5. English Landing Park – one of my favorite places in Parkville! The perfect place to get a coffee (Parkville Coffeehouse) and spend some time with your loved ones. Great way to spend a morning.


6. St. Joe basketball – so proud of the Benton girls for taking 4th in the state and the Lafayette boys for taking 2nd! I have taught or coached a number of the girls basketball players at Benton and can tell you they are some quality students. It was so fun to watch them play in Columbia last weekend!


7. Under the Dome – it’s a TV based off a Stephen King novel. Travis and I are currently watching the last episode of the first season. Season 2 starts in June. I don’t want to speak too soon since I haven’t finished season 1, but I’m looking forward to season 2 over the summer!

Can you believe that one week from today it will be April? And two months from today I’ll be on summer break? Those are numbers I’m okay with 🙂


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