Bathroom Renovation

On the main floor right next to our living room, there is a half bathroom. This small, little room has officially gotten the most work done in our house. Here is what the bathroom looked like when we first moved in:


Notice the bland wall color, ugly wood stain, and carpet. Yes, carpet in a bathroom.

We first painted the room purple. I never thought I would like a purple room, but it actually looks pretty good.


Then, Travis stained the shelves under the sink in both this bathroom and the bathroom in our room. This is a picture of our bathroom, but the stain is the same color.


As I mentioned in the last post, Travis decided to retile the floor in this bathroom. First, he needed to take the toilet out, and we got to see the lovely wall paper that was in the bathroom before it was painted.


Travis ripped out the carpet and put down some mortar (no idea what this was before our project) and then a cement underlayment (still no idea what this is). Shout out to our friend Austin with a truck for helping us pick up this stuff! Having friends with trucks is a necessity when doing home projects.



Next, we cut and laid the tiles. I got to help with this by mixing the mortar, spreading/scoring it, measuring, and laying the tiles. It was messy.


Travis used the tile saw to cut the tiles. Didn’t get a picture of it, but he was pretty excited about using it. Last, Travis put the grout in between the tiles. After a week of having a bathroom with not potty, we finally got the toilet put back into place!


There’s even some love in our bathroom. This is a picture of the location where we got engaged!


Not gonna lie, even with all the work we have done in this bathroom, the light switch is probably my favorite part.


So happy to have our bathroom working again! And yes I did get a hair cut.


Before and after:


The only downside to having tile inside or carpet is now my toes get cold in the morning. Hello slippers!

I’ll say it again, I LOVE my handy husband! He does great work! Thanks for spending your spring break working so hard. I think I decided my spring break project (which is still 4 weeks away might I add) will be to organize, organize, ORGANIZE.


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