Daylight Savings Time Sunday

Today was the first day it finally felt like spring outside! The neighborhood kids were all playing outside and wearing shorts. I even put self tanner on my legs in the hope of wearing skirts and dresses this week! It was nice having daylight last a little longer into the evening, but it was too nice outside today to lose an hour! Here is what our beautiful day looked like:

We woke up early (9:00, but our bodies thought it was 8:00) and worked on some graduate school. Then we went out to lunch with some friends at 54th street. Then enjoyed a beautiful walk with our pup!


We made chicken fried rice for dinner and drove out to Dairy Queen for a blizzard!


Now we are watching The Amazing Race. I guess the rest of my graduate school will have to wait until tomorrow. Since falling asleep will not be easy tonight (for two reasons 1) my body thinks it’s an hour earlier and 2) Travis is now on spring break so he doesn’t have to wake up tomorrow) I plan on reading until my eyes can no longer stay open.

Travis’ spring break project he decided to do on the house is tile the half bathroom on the main level. Today he took out the toilet so he could easily put down the tile and we found this ugly wallpaper:


Such a perfect day, are you sure I can’t get my hour back šŸ™‚ Tomorrow will be a long day of work, a meeting after school, a hopeful walk in the park, and oh yeah, that grad school I didn’t do today.


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