Saturday Night Hockey

I would like to start by taking a few minutes to brag. I beat the peg tee jumping game at Cracker Barrel the other day. Pretty proud moment!


The true highlight of the day, however, was going to my first hockey game. The ice rink is over in Independence, so Travis wanted to go to Texas Roadhouse (his favorite restuarant) because we don’t have one close to us. There was a surprisingly long wait at 5:00. I don’t know if you have ever waited there before, but they give you a number and flash the numbers on a screen that are ready to be seated. It’s incredibly nerve wracking and you get very irritated when your number gets skipped. I know it has to do with table sizes, but it’s the most intense lottery feeling (minus The Hunger Games). Once we finally got seated, Travis was a happy camper.


The best part about Texas Roadhouse: the rolls. I could eat a million of these.


My friend Jessica turned me on to the chicken critter salad. DON’T MAKE FUN OF ME FOR GETTING A SALAD AT A STEAK PLACE. I don’t really like steak, but I do like a salad with hard boiled egg on it.

Then we made our way to the hockey rink. The reason we went was Travis’ middle school choir was singing the National Anthem. They sounded great and it was fun to hang out with a few of Travis’ coworkers!


I would highly recommend going to a hockey game if you haven’t already. It’s very fun especially if you like competitive atmospheres or supporting Kansas City sporting teams. We had a blast!


In between the first and second period, there was a vow renewal. They had two kids that were pretty cute. The little girl wiped out during her walk down the aisle and spent most of the ceremony crying, and the little boy was too restless to stand still and listen, so he opted to ice skate in circles instead.


The Missouri Mavericks team mascot is a horse named Mac. He came over to our section to take pictures with the middle schoolers and dance on the chairs in front of us. Lucky for us, the Mavs scored a goal while he was by us and we got to hear how loud his drum is (it’s loud).


I wanted to take a picture with them but Travis wouldn’t let me. Quote of the night: “Just take my picture with the stupid donkey!”

Highlights of the night were getting on the big screen because the people behind us won a prize, witnessing a full on hockey fight, and of course, a Maverick win! Final score was 4-3.


Worst part of the evening was walking outside to the snow storm that was occurring. We got to drive home in this:


However, my husband is a rock star and got us home safe and sound. This is definitely something we will be doing again! The cheapest tickets are only $16 and there isn’t really a bad seat in the rink. I will just try to avoid going when we are under winter weather advisories!

Travis’ day has already been canceled due to cold temperatures tomorrow and I’m hoping for my call soon! -7 in St Joseph does not sound like a fun day to me… Brrr


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