Weekend Update 2/21-2/23

It’s been a while since I updated because nothing too noteworthy has happened in the past week. So, I thought I would share the top five memorable moments of the weekend. I think this post is more for me, so when I look back at this blog in however many years, I can remember what a typical weekend looked like when I was 24.

1. Hanging out with my best friends Saturday night

One of our best friends got engaged over New Years and she sent us girls the most adorable DVDs asking us to be her bridesmaids. So we got together and showed off our DVDs and talked wedding! We concluded that we plan awesome parties, have a passion for cake tasting, and look really good in matching outfits!

2. Sochi Olympic closing ceremony

I honestly don’t remember what I did with my life pre-Olympics. I guess it’s a good thing the Amazing Race and Survivor also started this week. Maybe I’ll actually start reading again.

3. Getting Uno a new collar

He’s not very excited about it. He pouted. But the red looks really good on him. I think he looks younger 🙂


4. Having meals with both sets of parents

Dinner Friday night with my parents at Jose Peppers and lunch with Travis’ parents on Saturday at Famous Dave’s in the Legends. It’s great too see so much family.

5. A glimmer of nice weather

It was nice to wear a jacket all weekend. Plus, it was nice enough to fire up the grill! I think I have mentioned that my hubby makes incredible burgers, so good! It was made ever better by the fact we only has a small 2 page paper to write, meaning we could enjoy all these wonderful things even more! I won’t mention the fact that St. Joe has three possible chances for snow in the 10 day forecast…


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