Monster Truck Jam

That’s right, this girl went to see a monster truck show! Not the normal place you would find me on a Saturday afternoon, but I’m always up for trying new things. When Hallmark doesn’t give their suite to clients, they raffle it off to their employees. My parents have gone to a good number of random events at the Sprint Center because of this, and today my dad invited Travis and me too.

First off, just going to sit in the suite alone makes it worth it. You get to enter the Sprint Center in a special door and ride in an elevator with an attendant. The door that leads into the suite scans your ticket and says, “Welcome to the Sprint Center. Your door is now open.” And by says I mean the door actually speaks to you.


The suite has a mini bar and siting area.


The seats are also pretty comfy. Aren’t my parents the cutest?


Evidence that I was actually there! I had no idea what to wear to a monster truck show…


I can’t go to an event with a concession stand and not get nachos. This is my favorite food. The oranger/faker the cheese, the better.


Here’s our view!



They started off with the wheely competition.


The Batman truck was by far my favorite!


Next, they did the racing section.


During intermission, I went up to the tv in our suite and watched some Olympic speed skating.


Next, the motorcross or the “nuclear cowboys” came out and did some jumps. They are really hard to get pictures of.



They closed with the freestyle. The trucks got 60 seconds to pretty much drive around and do whatever they wanted. We finally got to see some of the trucks go off the big ramp.


At this point, the noise and the smell of the exhaust were starting to get to us. Once the show was over, I was happy to get some fresh air.

Overall, definitely a fun experience! I would recommend you go -if free :). Now on to an evening of Olympics-figures skating, snowboarding, and freestyle skiing. Thanks for a fun day mom and dad!


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