My Hometown

I saw this picture on Facebook this morning, and it really got me thinking how great my hometown of Parkville is.


My family likes to believe that the lady in the red coat and the little boy in the green outfit are my great-grandma and great uncle. According to my grandma, they used to walk through downtown Parkville quite often, and they wore those outfits frequently. Whether they are actually my family, we will never know! According to my grandma, this picture also hung in the White House (I think while Truman was president, but she may correct me on that one).


The one on the right is little boy in green and the woman is the lady in the red coat. The little cutie in front is my grandma!

Parkville really is a great town to call home! Some of my favorite things about Parkville are the Fourth of July celebration, Christmas on the River, Stone Canyon pizza, walking in English Landing Park ( and watching it flood every few years), Parkville Presbyterian Church, and of course the Hawthorne House where Travis and I got married.



Another fun fact: my great-grandpa built the funeral home and was the original business owner! Even though it has changed owners multiple times since, it is still a beautiful building in downtown Parkville that I’m proud to be related to.


Main street is also iconic Parkville. The place where I get my hair done is on the left side of this picture. The place were Stone Canyon pizza now lays is on the right.


Park college (now Park University) is also an important part of Parkville. This is my favorite “old” picture of Parkville, boys practicing football with the college in the background. Has anything really changed? Not at all.


The neat, old pictures are all curtsy of my grandma’s Facebook. I’m sure she’ll let me know if I’ve labeled anything or anyone incorrectly. Speaking of grandma, she celebrated her birthday on Monday!


Not a thing has changed! Just as beautiful as always!



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