Weekend of Trying New Things

With a wonderful three day weekend, Travis and I did some fun, new things.

Travis and I really enjoy making breakfast on weekend mornings, but we normally just make monkey bread, cinnamon rolls, pancakes/waffles, or bacon and eggs. We thought we would combine this and try cinnamon roll waffles! They are super easy. First, heat up your waffle iron, spray with cooking spray, and open your favorite canned cinnamon rolls. Then place a cinnamon roll on the griddle.


Then close waffle iron. Ours only cooked for about two minutes.


If you want, you can push more than one cinnamon roll together to make a bigger waffle, but this is just one!


Then spread the waffle with the frosting in the can. Ours was cream cheese 🙂


Eat and enjoy! Gotta have morning coffee! Panera hazelnut, yum


Travis and I also tried a new restaurant called Chuy’s on the plaza. So tasty! We started with a frozen margarita swirl and queso dip. They have incredible salsa too!


I got the vegetarian combo. It can with a chili relleno and a veggie enchilada (squash, onion, peppers, corn, chilis, and cheese).


We also tried a new movie theater over the weekend. We went to the theater in the Ameristar and saw The Book Thief. Great book, and pretty good movie! The tickets were only six dollars on Sunday and if was not very busy at all.

Travis and I also tried a new church this weekend called Vineyard, off of 169, close to 435. Travis and I really enjoy it! Great atmosphere and the pastor seemed very relatable. One of our friends works on the staff and deals with media and communication.

Weekends are a great time to try new things and get out of your comfort zone. Any new things we should try? We take suggestions 🙂


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