A Few of My Favorite Things – January Edition

It’s Friday!! So I thought I would share some of my recent favorite things.

1. The BBC series Sherlock. It’s very entertaining and quite addicting if you are into Sherlock Holmes stories (or even if you’re not). We have been watching them over the past few weeks. Check them out at your local library!

2. Metro North Mall, get your walk on! Travis and I have been going a few times a week, not only to walk but to spend some uninterrupted time together.

3. Snapchat. I only snapchat a few friends but they are pretty hilarious. I would NEVER screenshot one of my friends snapchats, but I have saved a few of my own:



4. Veggies. Okay, I lie a little. Veggies aren’t my favorite, but I have been holding strong on my New Years resolution. And I have been feeling more energized! Green smoothie in the morning and veggies with my lunch!

5. Jimmy Fallon’s #hashtags. If you need a pick me up, look them up on YouTube. My favorite is probably #sharkrap. Actually just about anything from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is worthwhile (Jimmy and Justin Timberlake singing Africa by ToTo at summer camp is another classic).

6. The Piano Guys pandora station. They play popular music, only all instrumental. It’s a great station to use a school! The kids like it, but it’s not über distracting or using inappropriate language.

7. Chocolate ice cream with a shot of Kahlua. I got the idea from Penny on The Big Bang Theory. I think she really is the smart one…

What are your January favorites?


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