My Wardrobe Obbession

I think I may have mentioned in previous posts, that I have a bit of an Old Navy obsession. I joke that 90% of my wardrobe is from Old Navy. On an average day, I am wearing at least one piece of clothing from them (currently it is my jeans). Being the math teacher that I am, I decided to actually figure out the percentage of clothing in my closet from Old Navy. 




I didn’t include shoes in my count. Since I use to work at Shoe Carnival, I’m still a pretty loyal Carny. My shoes were just really begging to have their picture taken too.

I discovered that 48% of the clothes in my closet were Old Navy. Still a pretty high percentage. I also included high school sweatshirts, college clothing, workout clothes, and Benton High School shirts that are in my closet. So the percentage of clothes I actually wear on a regular basis may be higher percentage Old Navy.


Other clothing stores I like to shop at are New York and Company, Target, and other online stores.


While conducting this experiment, I also learned that I have over 300 articles of clothing just in my closet, yikes! I try to go at least a month without repeating tops and/or dresses/skirts (I normally repeat pants), but 300 pieces! My new New Year’s Resolution, donate some clothes! It is entirely too selfish of me to have that much clothing. I also don’t have any of my t-shirts, shorts, tank tops, sweatpants, or PJs in the closet. In my defense, I hardly ever buy clothes full price. (For those of you that are bargain shoppers and like Old Navy like me, great clearance sale going on right now!)


Happy Sunday everyone! Looking forward to a full week back to school…


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