Christmas Gifts

Since I went to my last Christmas party of the season last night, I thought I would update you on some of the great gifts that I got this year. This isn’t everything, but a few of my favorites!

I’ll start with my Christmas party last night with my friends. We do a secret santa every year and this year Laura had me! She got me a beautiful scarf from her recent trip to San Francisco, a jewelry holder that Travis and I have decided to put our wedding rings in, a homemade peppermint candle, and a hand made necklace (she’s an incredible artist). She’s the best gift giver ever!


Since my friend Emily recently got married, she also got us all framed photos from her wedding. Beautiful!


Travis got me The Book Thief. I’m a bum and accidentally spilled water on it and now the pages are wrinkly 😦 I started it a few days ago, and so far its great!


I also got some clothes. I bought a navy blue dress with a gift card from my grandma, Travis got me a tannish colored cardigan, and my mom and dad got me a fleece pullover.


My in-laws got me a hilarious day-by-day calendar with awkward family photos.


My grandma got me a slow cooker recipe book. We make A LOT of food out of the slow cooker. We have already put this book to use twice! We made sloppy joes a few days ago and chowder tonight. Yum!


Travis got me Monsters Inc. (my favorite Pixar movie). I got Travis the first season of American Horror Story (not pictured, my dad borrowed it). I have to admit that I got this one for myself too 🙂 Then we used a gift card from my brother and sister-in-law to get the second season of American Horror Story.


Uno had a great Christmas too! He loves his new toys, has already eaten all of the homemade treats from my sister-in-law, and is making progress on all his other treats! My in-laws also got us really warm blankets (the grey one pictured is mine, Travis got a dark blue one). Of course, all blankets quickly become Uno’s.


I think my favorite gift that I gave this year was a bottle opener. Travis really wanted one to replace the one that previous homeowner had. Its a Boulevard one, gotta represent KC! I also got him a set of seasonal Boulevard glasses.


I am so grateful for all the gifts I received this year, and even more grateful for the people who gave them to me! I love every single one of you!


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